Iontophoresis is the process of delivering medications to the body by using electrical currents. It is one of the most important modalities in physiotherapy and it is very occasionally used by physical therapists in extreme conditions

In it a medical device is used to deliver mild electric currents to deliver medications across biological membranes most of the time during this effective body part is submerged in water.

How It Works

Iontophoresis works by using electrical stimulation to deliver the medications across membranes and injured tissues to the body it is often used to decrease sweating but is also used in physical properties for decreasing inflammation and scar tissue and to reduce pain as well

It works by using the basic principles of electrical polarity which works on the opposite polarity principle which states that opposite ions always attract each other.  The medication used in this process is in a solution with a specific polarity. Your physical therapist will place electrodes on your body or where the medication must be injected when electric signals from the negative electrode are transmitted to the medication which is also negatively charged it will be repelled by the electric charge and this helps the absorption of the medication into the skin and underlying tissues

Risk factors

Undergoing an iontophoresis treatment doesn’t require any special preparation but this treatment is not for patients with medical conditions such as pregnancy epilepsy and pacemakers or any other implants such as knee replacement in these conditions this treatment is not suitable for you to make sure to tell your physical therapist before the treatment that you have any of this condition.

In addition to that if you have any open bound scratch on your skin apply petroleum jelly on it so that no irritation during the treatment occurs if you are performing this treatment at home make sure that you are doing it according to the voice of your physical therapist it is also beneficial to add a little baking soda in it so that the pH of the solution is maintained properly
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It is not a very desirable treatment and is used by physical therapists when there is no other method to deliver the medicine to the body but make sure that you not suffering from any medical condition which prohibited the use of this for you and also if you feel any adverse effect of this therapy immediately reported to your physical therapist so that any damage can be prevented
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