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Kinesiology tape for shoulder pain

If you are suffering from shoulder pain your healthCare advisor will surely refer you to an expert physical therapist and then your physical therapist will use several exercises, various treatments, and modalities to help you deal with your pain

One of the most common modalities used by physical therapists for treating shoulder pain is kinesiology tape. It helps to facilitate your rotator cuff and shoulder deltoid muscle it also helps to increase range of motion, support affected muscles, and tendons, and control the muscle contractions of shoulder muscle

Apply Tape to the Front of Your Shoulder

Your physical therapist will begin the procedure by cleaning your shoulder with a sanitizer if you have hairs on your shoulder then they are removed by a buzz clipper 

The first strip to apply is on the front of your shoulder. Here is how you do it:

  • Expose your shoulder and your arm
  • Cut an I strip of appropriate length its length must be equal to the front of your shoulder to the side of the arm
  • Your shoulder must be in an extended position so that the muscles of the front part of your shoulder are stretched
  • Cut an “I” strip of the proper length. It should measure from the top of the front of your shoulder to the side of your arm.
  • Remove the backing strip off the tape and place it on your shoulder 
  • pull the tape so that its stretch about 25% 
  • Anchor the tape on the side of your arm
  • Once the tape is  placed on the shoulder rub it a few times so that the heat generated can help in better adherence of tape to the skin
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Apply Kinesiology Tape to the Back of Your Shoulder

Once I strip is applied on the front of the shoulder the other I strip is then placed on the backside as well for this purpose

  • Cut an I  strip  of appropriate length which can reach from back of your upper shoulder to side of your arm
  • Sit in a comfortable position and extend your shoulder across the front of your body. In such a way the back part of your shoulder will be stretch
  • Peel off the tape backing and apply it to the upper part of the back of your shoulder
  • Pull the kinesiology tape so that it is stretched about 25% and anchor its end on the side of your arm about ⅓ of the way down it should be applied in such a manner that it overlaps the front I strip
  • Gently rub kinesiology tape a few times so that the heat generated by rubbing can improve their decision
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