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In many cases, physical therapy patients receive a massage known as massage therapy or manual hand therapy as a part of the treatment plan. physical therapy massage is completely different from my regular spa massage which you get in a parlor or a spa bar physical therapy massage goals are regulation of muscle and joint function increasing their strength and mobility

Including physical therapy massage into regular sessions increases the recovery process. Thailand-on manual therapy is used for a specific region of the body and is only used when the patient is comfortable with this. In addition, to this, it is never used separately but is always used with other physical therapy modalities to treat the musculoskeletal injuries.
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Benefits of Hands-On Therapy 

Manual physical therapy and physical therapy massage helps to deal with both physical and emotional problems so that it is beneficial for both physical and mental issues

Your physical therapist will create an individualized plan for you which will include the primary goals to be treated according to your injury most of the time the primary goal for hand-on manual therapy is to strengthen the affected muscles and joints and increase the range of motion

There are multiple benefits of hand-on therapy and these are proved by scientific experiments as well some of the most common benefits of hand therapy are

 Strengthen the immune system

 Scientific studies have proven that manual they have a significant role in strengthening the immune system it strengthen the immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells in the body which helps to raise the immune function and diseases

Improve circulation:

Research also proves that by using massage therapy frequently blood flow throughout the body and particularly in the area which receives massage is increased. increased blood flow may contribute to depressing the symptoms of sore muscles

 Improve posture, flexibility, and range of motion: 

Massage techniques can reduce swelling that’s why they are really helpful in increasing the range of motion of the target muscles and joints they also increase flexibility and help to maintain a proper posture of the body 

Boost mood: 

During massage of the body, our body reduces the levels of stress hormones and increases the level of relaxing hormones which will relax our body that’s why after massage a person will feel emotionally well. It also increases the level of serotonin in the body which reduces pain and depression.
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