Medial Knee Pain Exercises

Pain on the inside of the knee can be because of multiple causes such as degeneration or thinning of the cartilage also known as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis

Tearing of the shock-absorbing meniscus can also cause this pain

Similarly, after an acute twist or a sprained knee or dislocation of the knee and knee cap pain in the medial side of the joint can be felt.

There can be many possible causes of medial knee pain but there are several exercises that can help to relieve some of your symptoms

Before beginning, any set of exercises make sure the physical therapists do a comprehensive examination of your pain and then perform the exercises suggested by your physical therapist

Some of the effective exercises are

Straight Leg Raise

It is a great initial exercise to target the quadriceps muscle in the thigh this activates the muscles without any excessive pressure on the joint it can be helpful for conditions such as osteoarthritis, meniscal lesions subluxed kneecap cap or an MCL sprain in addition to these SLR can also help to treat bursitis.

Follow these steps for this exercise 

  • Lie down on your back and keep your  uninvolved knee in a bent position
  • Tighten your thigh muscle of the side which is involved
  • Keeping the muscle contracted lift your injured leg about 12 to 6 inches in the air and your knee must not be bent during this 
  • Maintain this position for a second and slowly lower it
  • Try 3 sets  with ten repetition
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Single-Leg Balance

Exercises like single-leg balance techniques are a great way to target the stabilization of your muscles in the leg this exercise helps to build strength and balance in inpatients and can be very beneficial for people with medial osteoarthritis, medial meniscal tear, or a patellar subluxation

  • Send on a level surface and straighten your knee squeezing your thigh muscles
  • Lift the other leg in the air and try to balance without leaning forward your body or using your arms if possible with this leg
  • Try to maintain this position for 30 seconds
  • Repeat this 5 to 10 times

If you get used to this exercise and it becomes easy for you to hold yourself for 30 seconds then you can also attempt this challenge by standing on something like a sofa or a question but be sure to have a nearby chair or any supporting material you can grab if you lose your balance

In addition to these exercises, there are several many exercises which we can discuss another article because it is nearly impossible to cover all the medial knee pain exercises in one article.
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