Neck pain and physical therapy

Neck pain is a really serious problem that can affect your ability to perform normal tasks adversely it can cause you to lose the normal range of motion in your neck and it can also lead to severe pain in your shoulder arm and hands as well.
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Anatomy of the neck

Our neck muscles are supported by the cervical spine which is composed of 7 discs called the cervical vertebra. Between each is a jelly-like sponge material which is called intervertebral discs. vertebrae stack on one another and each vertebra has two joints towards the back that connect it to the vertebra below it. The cervical vertebrae protect our neck and provide the desired range of motion to the neck

Causes of neck pain

Many variable factors can lead to neck pain, sometimes it can be because of a poor sitting posture and poor neck posture. Positioning our neck in an awkward position can cause pain and can lead to the malfunction of cervical vertebrae afterward. Other factors include a sudden trauma( like in an accident or sports injuries)wear and tear from arthritis or osteoporosis etc.

What to expect from physical therapy

When you experience pain in your neck your medical healthcare provider may refer you to your physical therapist depending on the underlying cause of your pain. In the first session, the physical therapist will completely evaluate your problem and then prepare a treatment chart that focuses on

  • Improving your range of motion by moving your neck in several directions
  • Improving the overall strength of your shoulders and neck
  • Checking if there is any tenderness to palpation
  • Checking the poster of your neck and improving the posture for better neck health
  • A physical therapist may also focus on increasing the functional ability of your that can achieve the maximum range of motion
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Neck pain is very severe pain and can affect your daily life adversely. A physical therapist can help you to deal with bad neck posture, limited range of motion, and increased functional mobility. make sure you follow the advice of your physical therapist and properly take you through processions so that your neck pain can be cured properly and you don’t suffer from any other serious secondary disorder due to ignoring your neck pain. In addition to a physical therapy treatment make sure that you are taking care of your neck posture properly because a bad next poster can destroy all the efforts of your physical therapist on improving your neck pain

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