Neuro physical therapy


Neuro physical therapy is the branch of physical therapy in which ailments related to the brain and spinal cord are treated

Role of neuro physiotherapist

A neuro therapist is a specialized person that assesses patient issues and treats all types of immobility related to the nervous system. the physical impairments that are related to the nervous system of the body are treated
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It covers most of the diseases of the nervous system such as

Stroke( when brain tissue is deprived of oxygen due to occluded blood supply)

Spinal cord injury( any accidental injury such as disc dislocation)

Multiple sclerosis( a genetic defect in which myelin sheath is attacked by the body)

Parkinson disease(a brain disorder that leads to shaking of body parts especially hands and Worsens with age)

Bells palsy(facial muscles are weakened due to damage to the cranial nerve)

Peripheral neuropathy(it is is a result of damage to neurons outside the brain and spinal cord and leads to numbness of hand and feet)

Vestibular distinction(the body can maintain balance because of damage to the peripheral or central nervous system)

Brain and spinal tumors

above listed all the disease that affects our nervous system in such a manner that one or more part of the body is immobilized completely or the degree of movement is compromised 

Aims of neuro physical therapy

Most of the patients with neurological disorders are hard to treat. Even with the best treatment possible, the ailment is not cured fully but is reduced to such a degree that the patient can live a stable life. The main aims of neuro physical therapy are

Asees the degree of malfunctions

Use the best technique so maximum rehabilitation can occur

Increase the quality of life

Mobilize the affected body part

Reduce the risk of injury in future

 Principles of neuro physical therapy

The principles on which hydrotherapy is based are as follow

The brain is a dynamic and adoption-friendly organ. It can adopt changes in the body and can respond accordingly

Neuron function can be restored to some extent

Encouraging patients to normal movement can help recovery

Set of specific passive and active therapists according to patient need can accelerate patients health

The most sensitive and complex part of the human body is the nervous system. Most of the injuries either they are genetic or even if they are environmental are almost impossible to cure 100%. In an accident, if our cell body or neuron system is affected or any spinal disc is dislocated, the recovery will be as hard as boiling the ocean. In these procedures recovery is slow and 100% stability can’t be achieved in most cases and you will have to take therapy for a lifetime.
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