Osteoporosis: body posture dissolving

Osteoporosis is a condition in which your bones start to dissolve in the body. With every passing day, your bones will become feeble. As a result of that even with mild stress, the bone will be easily bent or even broken down.

Bones are constantly remodeled and absorbed in our body when the resorption rate increase as compared to the formation then osteoporosis will occur
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Osteoporosis has a wide range of causes and can affect any age group but is more common in geriatrics and women. Some risk factors are can’t be controlled such as

  • Sex 

if affect females relatively more as compared to men

  • Age

It is more common in geriatrics as compared to a youngster

  • Race

It is evident by different researchers that osteoporosis is more common in white or Asians

  • Family history

If your parents or any sibling have osteoporosis then you are at greater risk for osteoporosis 

  • Hormones level

Lower sex hormone can increase the risk of osteoporosis, that’s why after menopause women are at greater risk of osteoporosis. If hyperthyroidism is occurring in your body and you are not controlling it, it can lead to the absorption of your bones even at a young age 

These are some of the risks factors you have no control on but there are still some factors you can control such as

  • Dietary factors

If you are not taking a good diet and calcium levels are low in your body. You are on strict diets and don’t care about your nutritional requirements then you can easily get osteoporosis.

  • Lifestyle choices

a sedentary lifestyle with alcohol consumption, excess tobacco use is also another risk factor for osteoporosis.

  • Symptoms

There are no visible symptoms in the early stages but as it progresses different symptoms such as

  • Back pain
  • Loss of height
  • Loss of appropriate posture 
  • Bone breakage

These symptoms become common.

  • Treatment

The treatment of osteoporosis involves taking drugs such as Bisphosphonates, Denosumab, selective estrogen therapy, and mainly physical therapy sessions in which the following procedures are done

  • Weight-bearing exercises

Exercises using weights or resistance bands are specifically seen to improve targeted bone mass. Walking and hopping helps increase bone density 

  • Flexibility and strength exercises

under the supervision of expert physical therapist flexibility exercises such as yoga can help to maintain posture 

  • Postural exercises 

These exercises help maintain the posture most commonly buy this exercises spinal posture is maintained and reduced height is recovered which was due to bone loss
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A physical therapist can help you to deal with osteoporosis more effectively. Multiple therapy programs are practiced for the treatment of osteoporosis which helps in the recovery of patients fastly. In addition to that if it is congenital osteoporosis then physical therapy can increase your lifetime and maintain the bone health of you

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