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Falling is a very scary thing and it can also cause injury and can lead to a situation where your confidence from your mobility is shaken by performing Otago exercises 3 times a week you will be able to improve your balance and mobility these are the remaining exercises which are included in Otago programs and with these exercises, Otago program is completed

Standing Mini Squats

These exercises are great strengthening exercises for your hips, thigh, and lower legs. By performing this exercise your lower extremities will be strengthened and your risk of falling will be reduced for performing this exercise

  • Stand up and hold onto a stable object
  • Now slowly bend  into a mini squat position but make sure you do not bend too far
  • Hold this squat position for 2 seconds
  • Now return to your starting position and repeat this exercise 10 times

Figure 8 Walking

This is an advanced and dynamic balance exercise in the Otago program. This exercise can be performed as follow

  • Place any two small objects on the floor about 6 feet apart
  • Walk around the object in a figure 8 pattern
  • Make sure to keep your steps even and your head and eyes forward while walking
  • Walk like this 10 times
  • Make sure that you have something stable nearby so if you lose balance you will still be safe

Functional Exercise: Stair Climbing

This is a functional exercise that helps you to gain confidence when climbing stairs or coming down from stairs

For performing this exercise

  • Found any staircase with the railing so that you can grab on the railing in case of disbalance
  • Now walk up and down this staircase 10 times be sure to hold the railing for your safety

Functional Exercise: Backward Walking

Reverse walking is also known as retro walking can be challenging but it can be helpful to improve balance and mobility for performing this exercise

  • Stand on the side of your kitchen counter or anything stable
  • Make sure that the path behind you is clear and there is no hindrance
  • Now with your one hand on the counter simply walk backward from toe to heel
  • When you run out of space turn around and walk backward in the other direction
  • Complete 10 laps
  • If this exercise becomes too easy for you then walk without any upper extremity support

Tandem Stance and Walk

It is simply standing with one foot in front of the other in the other words you stand by crossing your foots the heel of your front foot should be touching the toe of your back foot this position will make your base narrow and it will be more challenging for you to maintain your balance for performing this exercise

  • Stand in an upright posture next to your kitchen counter and hold your kitchen counter now place one foot in front of your other foot make sure that your toes and heels are just slightly touching each other
  • Hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds
  • Switch feet
  • Repeat three times for  each foo r
  • If this exercise becomes too easy for you then you can make it more challenging by not holding on to anything near you
  • For that simply hold onto your kitchen counter and walk in the same manner as you keep your foot in tandem walking
  • You can also work in the reverse direction when forward walking becomes easy for you

Before performing these exercises always ask your physical therapist if you are a fit for these exercises or not so that it will help you to prevent any secondary injury because of performing the exercises inappropriately
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