Patellar tendon rupture and physical therapy

Patellar tendon tear can be a very painful injury that can limit your ability to walk run and engage in your normal and recreational activities. For this injury, you may benefit from the services of a physical therapy program.  There are several important constituents of a physical therapy program a  physical therapist will  perform during the rehabilitation process which will help you to increase your range of motion and strength decrease swelling and pain and regain functional mobility

Anatomy of the Patellar Tendon

It is a ligament that attaches over the kneecap to our shin bone.

In medical terms, a ligament is a connective tissue that attaches our two bones

But the patellar tendon is called a tendon even though it connects two bones because it is an extension of the quadriceps tendon quadriceps muscle is the large muscle that is in front of your thigh it crosses your Patella first as the quad tendon and then as the patellar tendon. it then attaches to the front of the shin  the quads responsible for the extension and strengthening of the knee joint
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If you feel that your patellar tendon is ruptured you must immediately seek medical attention. Your health care provider or your physical therapist will do a thorough examination of your condition and properly diagnose your injury These symptoms of a patellar tendon rupture is

  • Excessive pain in your knee
  • Swelling in front of your name
  • Difficulty in walking and performing other lower extremities activities
  • Difficulty to fully extend your knee joint and palor near your knee joint

If a physical therapist or health Care suspect that you are suffering from patellar tendon injury then they will do an X-ray or  mirror resonance imaging to confirm the tear or the problem with your knee after that depending on the degree of damage decision will be made that whether the surgery will be performed or you will immobilize your knee and allow it  to heal nonsurgically

Physical Therapy for patellar tendon

The initial care for the patellar tendon includes taking rest, applying ice packs, applying pneumatic compression, and elevating the injury by your physical therapist. They may cover your knee with a cast or splint 

After a few weeks of healing your physical therapist will start performing gentle motions on your knee these motions can be active or passive motions and then several exercises are performed by your physical therapist to regain your range of motion strength and flexibility

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