Pelvic Floor Contraction

When you suffer from any of the pelvic floor disturbances, a physical therapist may suggest two different exercises involving a pelvic floor contraction exercises

A successful exercise program will help you to stabilize your core, beautify your biceps and strengthen your muscles and it will overload specifically targeted muscles so they will become more stronger

Just like your abs or your biceps your pelvic floor muscles need exercises. For keeping a pelvic floor muscle healthy and strong your physical therapist will suggest you different exercises a strong pelvic muscle will not only enhance sex but also help to develop a strong core and healthy back as well

According to Dr. Pauline Chiarelli, physiotherapist, continence advisor, professor, and author of Women’s Waterworks: 

“Curing Incontinence, you can take steps towards developing strong pelvic floor muscles, as well as maintain strength for a lifetime”

For doing this first identify your muscles and then accept them for strengthening and endurance after that challenge them to grow more stronger and finally keep up the good work in order to maintain the strength for over longer durations

Precautions to Take

A pelvic floor contraction is squeezing of the muscles of the bottom in an inward and outward direction This is the action we all perform when we are rolling over balls and bladder including stopping the flow of urine or urination process

Don’t do pelvic floor contraction exercises when you are emptying your bladder nor use them for stopping the flow of urine as a strengthening exercise use it only as a way of finding and assessing the muscles

A physical therapist chiarelli explains that the complexity of functioning bladder go much beyond the muscular control of bladder by the pelvic floor pelvic floor muscles do influence the bladder control but they are not in charge of its complete working nervous system is also involved in this process which means that stopping the flow of urine as a practice for altering the function of your bladder is worse

Some of the pelvic floor weakness is caused by pelvic floor muscles that are constantly tight and contracted. For such cases you will need to learn to relax the pelvic floor before working on strengthening your muscles starting your exercise program in the right way to tighten your muscles and strengthen as well is a very essential step because if you perform the exercises in a wrong manner it will cause more harm than good so make sure you consult with your physical therapist before performing any pelvic floor exercises by your own

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