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Physical Therapy for Achilles tendon

If at any time in your life you suffer from an Achilles tendon tear then you know how painful the injury is. This tendon rupture can limit your ability to walk, run, climb stairs, enjoy your daily activities, and even go to the washroom is affected. you may benefit from participating in physical therapy if you are suffering from an Achilles tendon tear. the physical therapist will evaluate your condition and provide you with exercises to help you recover


Achilles tendon tear usually occur as a result of sudden trauma to your foot or ankle if you jump up and land on an uneven surface and trip or you step into a hole then your Achilles tendon can be ruptured

The Achilles tendon usually ruptures about 6 cm above the heel bone attachment. The most common rupture occur here because this is the place where the blood circulation is lowest and the fibrous tissue is more vulnerable because of this

If your tendon is ruptured in most cases you will hear a Pop in your lower leg and then you will experience several symptoms these symptoms may include but are not limited to

  • Pain in your lower back from the area where the tendon is ruptured
  • Swelling in your leg and calves
  • Bruising or discoloration after some time in your lower leg
  • Difficulty in walking or inability to bear weight on your leg
  • An inability to control your toes and ankle properly

Physical Therapy

Your Achilles tendon is torn and now you have to go for physical therapy. For the recovery of your tendon tear your first appointment with an outpatient physical therapist for Achilles tendon tear will be a complete or initial evaluation on a visit. During this, your  physical therapist will ask you questions about the nature of your injury how you are affected by this injury in your normal life and what are its symptoms

 medical history in that physical therapy sessions will be asked to that they will know if this is a constant problem for you or you are suffering from it the first time after collecting sufficient information about your condition and performing various tests your physical therapist will take different measures for your injury this measure are

  • Checking the range of motion and performing various passive modalities and active exercises to increase the range of motion
  • A complete analysis of your get and improving your gate
  • Analysis of your functional mobility and pain and taking measures for normal normalizing pain and compression for reducing inflammation and swelling

These are some of the measures a physical  therapist will take to help you reduce your sign and symptoms and return to normal function and mobility as soon as possible

the normal period for this tendon rupture repair is about six to eight weeks recovery may be faster or slower depending on the nature of the injury and the rehabilitation process
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