Prop Onto Your Elbows

You are feeling pain in your lower back and your physical therapist discovers that you are suffering from sciatica. After initial evaluation and performing the first two exercises which include lying flat on your stomach and complete evaluation of your pain after the steps your physical therapist full move you to the further steps of rehabilitation of lower back pain these for the steps are

Prop Onto Your Elbows

When you are lying on your stomach you can perform another exercise named as prop on to your elbows performing this exercise slowly prop yourself up onto your both elbows dispose will cause your lower back to band slightly in the backward direction take a few deep breaths try to breathe from your stomach and try yourself to relax in this position

While you are on your elbows again try to monitor the changes in your symptoms a decrease in the symptoms of the centralisation of your pain is a good sign and associate it shows that you are doing good but if you do this exercise your lower back pain watsons simply return to the lying face down position and relax for a few more minutes and then try to perform this again sometimes the pain is too intense that you can’t maintain the proper position in this case you can wait for a few hours to one or two days and then try this again remain in this position for a few minutes and then returned back to your lying down position slowly and then and after few minutes try to pop up again repeat the cycle for 3 to 5 times and then move on to to the next exercise
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Maintain Upright Posture

Maintaining an upright posture will help you to quickly decrease your lower back pain and it is an important component for emergency back pain treatment maintaining proper posture for your lower back is equal important as well as for other portions of your spine it is essential that you keep your back in the proper position while sitting or standing

When you are sitting you can use a small pillow or a lumbar roll to help maintain the forward curve in your lower back press your back against the back of a chair and then place the pillow  or the role behind you exactly at the level where you tie your belt or you can adjust this about an inch or two according to your comfort zone
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