Side Effects

We have already discuss about the forward head posture and how it can affect your daily life the consequence of the chronic forward head posture can be significant in this condition the weight of the head will increase the pressure on the neck and spine and your body will be out of order some of the severe side effects of this condition are

  • Hyperextension of the cervical area
  • Contraction at the front of the chest

Leading to respiratory issues

  • Nerve issues in the arms and hands nerves become compressed

 (pins and needles, numbness)

  • Headaches and migraine
  • Tension neck syndrome (neck, shoulder, and joint pain, stiffness, and decreased range of motion
  • Temporomandibular joint issues and pain 
  • Balance and proprioception issues
  • Reduced respiratory function and heart function

As you already know that the most effective treatment for forward head posture is physical therapy exercises here are some of the most common exercises which a physical therapist may suggests you

Cervical Retraction

Cervical means that and retraction means to bring back as the name suggests in this poster exercise the goal is to bring your head and back in the line with your cervical spine here is how to perform this exercise

  • Start this exercise by sitting up straight on a chair
  • Now tucke your chin slightly towards your chest and hold the tuck press the back of your head towards the wall behind you
  • You will feel that as if you are moving  your head a bit diagonally towards the ceiling
  • Try to hold ths stress for a few seconds relax and then repeat it
  • Try to do this  20 to 30 times at once or  break it into 5 to 8 repetitions of 4 to 5 times a day
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Rhomboid Strengthener

Here is how to perform this exercise

  • Sot on a firm chair
  • Wrap your both arms around your ribs as you are hugging yourself
  • Now try to touch your shoulder blades with the help of your fingers keeping in mind you will be only able to reach the outside border
  • Move your fingers on your body downwards  and try to find the bottom tips of each blade and then released the hug
  • Now bring both of your hands behind your head lifting your elbows to bring your upper arm parallel to the floor
  • Hold this position and squeeze your shoulder blades toward each other to activate the rhomboid muscles
  • Hold this stretch for 5 seconds and then slowly release
  • Repeat this excercise 20 to 30 times a day
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