Specialists Involved

Physical therapy is an essential part of any public School because most of the children suffer from deformities and impairments which cause hindrances in the normal learning of the children School make sure that the child progresses equally as other child and this impairment doesn’t compromise its educational career however every musculoskeletal system injury is not treated by School based physical therapy they only treat your child if they are suffering from the impairments which can affect their educational activities the specialties of school based physical therapy are

Specialists Involved

These are provided by a physical therapist who is licensed by the state in which they are working most of the therapist hold a doctoral level degree these professional physical therapist work as a part of team of healthcare and rehabilitation professionals that ensure that children with disabilities are completely able to participate fully in school and their disability doesn’t cause any interest in their learning

A physical therapist assistant may also provide different to have relation services to children in the schools these professionals work under the the plan of care established by the school’s physical therapist

Other members of the school physical therapy may include

  • Speech language pathologist 
  • School psychologist
  • Children class teachers
  • School special education coordinator
  • And the child parents or guardians
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Typical Session

There are two type of school based physical therapy sessions one is the pull out session and the other is pushing session during a pull out session the student is removed from the classroom or their learning environment and the children works with a physical therapist in a separate room it can be School special education room or in the gymnasium

In a pull out session your physical therapist mein work with your child to improve the movement and motor control of the child typical treatments may include different exercises which help to improve the strength range of motion and balance and proprioception get training and exercise to practice different motor controls are also performed in addition to that they also teach their the children and how to use assistive devices that can help them in the classroom or school such as mobility devices communication years or devices which are helpful for daily normal living

On the other hand push in physical therapy sessions occur when the physical therapist work with the children in the classroom and with their peers this situation help the children to learn how to communicate and lead their life normally among other co-workers during a push in  session the physical therapist may work on your child and make sure that they are not suffering from any physical and functional limitations which is affecting their ability to participate in class here some special support for children like assistive devices and positioning devices may be used to ensure that your child can move and function appropriately in the classroom
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