Strengthening exercises for sacroiliac joint pain

In addition to stretching exercises strengthening exercises as also an essential part for depressing the sacroiliac joint pain and returning the sacroiliac joint back to the normal working position here are some of the strengthening exercises you can perform for treating your sacroiliac joint deformity
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Strengthen: Bridge for Glutes and Abs

Once you have warm up your sacroiliac joint with different stretches you can move to your strength building exercises the goal of this exercise is to stabilize your sacroiliac joint the first very low impact exercise for sacroiliac joint is known as a bridge it will build strength in your glutes abdominal muscle lower back and hips

How to Do it

  • Bring yourself in the supine position with your knees bent and your feet flat beneath your knees your arms must be by your side with your palms facing down
  • Now squeeze your glutes and keep your shoulder against the ground
  • Slowly lift your up hips up
  • Hold your hips in the air for about 5 seconds
  •  You must squeeze your glutes slowly with your lower hips to the ground
  • Repeat this step for about 8 to 10 times or until you start feeling any pain in the sacroiliac joint or knees
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Strengthen: Cat-Cow for Hips and Back

The cat cow exercise is a very common pose in the yoga and it can also be used to warm up this is an essential rehabilitation exercises for strengthening and stretching your back hips and abdominal muscles for sacroiliac joint pain

When you perform this yoga pose you will feel a pressure on your knees so you can skip it if you are also suffering from any knee pain or any kind of knee injury

How to Do It

  • Start this exercise by placing your hands and knees on floor with your chin up make sure that your back is flat and your eyes are forward
  • Now slowly arch your back up as you  take your chin towards  your chest hold this for 2 to 5 seconds
  • Now slowly being Jo Chin away from your chest and return your eyes forward as you are back down all this for 2 to 5  seconds
  • Repeat these exercises 8 to 10 times if you feel any pain or weakness in your sacroiliac joint or hips back and knees immediately stop the exercise and take a rest while lying down on your back
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