Tendinitis and physical therapy

Tendonitis is a condition in which inflammation or irritation of the tendon occurs

Tendon is a thick fibrous connective tissue that attaches the muscle to the bone this condition causes pain and swelling in the joints of the body

It can occur in any of the joints in your body but it is most common in the joints of your shoulder elbow wrist knee heels and hips because of their excessive use in our daily life this can lead to loss of mobility and decrease the strength of the joint 

tendons are in many shapes and sizes depending on the type of joint and the site of attachment

There are so many reasons why are tendon can become inflamed and can be painful the pain can be felt at the insertion site of the tendon where it attaches the muscle to the bone
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Although we can say that tendonitis can be a result of a sudden injury or a sudden trauma to the tendon this condition is much more

Visible in patients who performed repeated exercises or movements from the tendon on daily basis most of the people develop tendinitis because of their jobs such as in sports or by their hobbies which put excessive stress on the tendons

While performing repetitive sports or job-related activities using a proper technique is essentially an important step if the activities are performed with improper technique daily they can lead to tendonitis such as in tennis elbow
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Risk factors

Some of the risks factors which can lead to the inflammation of tendons are your age as you get older your tenders will become less flexible and weak which makes them easier to damage in addition to that tendinitis is more common in people whose jobs include repeated awkward motions and frequent overhead reaching such as in sports. The most common sports which can lead to tendonitis are baseball, basketball, golf, running, swimming, and tennis

How can physical therapy help?

The treatment of tendonitis focuses on three main goals which are realizing the range of motion, decreasing swelling, and strengthening the tendon so the condition doesn’t occur repeatedly; these all are achieved with the help of physical therapy techniques such as compression, several exercises, hot and cold therapy, and elevation.

A physical therapist may also help you with proper positioning and motion of your body parts so that when you continue your daily routine again you don’t suffer from tendonitis

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