5 common Iontophoresis Medications in physical therapy

It is a type of electrical stimulation that is used for the administration of specific drugs  in our body it is used in conditions when there is no other possible way to administer the  medicine in the body

The type of drug used for the treatment depends on the goal of the treatment a physical therapist will decide the primary goal for this modality and then use drugs such as for reducing inflammation or sometimes to decrease calcium deposits from over body if a physical therapist is using this treatment for you so it is an important step for you to understand the goals of treatments and the types of medication that are used on it and what will be the outcomes of it so that you can also discuss your goals from physical therapists


It is one of the most common anti-inflammatory medicines and is used during iontophoresis treatment. In physical therapy treatments, it is significantly helpful to decrease local inflammation in conditions such as tendonitis or muscular inflammation that causes pain and decreased tissue mobility. this drug helps to decrease the swelling pain and increase mobility

Acetic acid

Acetic acid is used to treat conditions such as frozen shoulder or calcific tendonitis. It is used to decrease calcium deposits in our body so that excess ossification can be reversed and deposits are broken then specific exercises are done to regain the motion and functions.


It is a negatively charged ion that is used for the treatment of scar tissue or keloid scar (it is excessive connective tissue growth at the point of injury) it is used for stretching and scar tissue massage.

Magnesium Sulfate

This medication is mostly used to treat uncontrolled muscle contractions also termed as muscle spasms its localized administration can also help to reduce muscle pain and spasms are reduced to a minimum by this medication.


It is also used to treat sclerotic conditions such as frozen shoulder or tendonitis(break deposition of miners). It also improves local blood flow and helps to reduce swelling of local tissue

Tap water

You may find it impossible to believe but simple tap water has also been used for treating a condition in which excessive sweating at palms or feet is observed. The tap water can be used at both positive and negative electrodes during a hand or foot immersion bath.
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