The Features of Different Walkers

Walkers have been used for a few decades now they have done wonders for people who want to maintain independent lifestyle and need extra help getting around it is impossible that you say you haven’t seen any senior using this is assisted device in your neighbourhood

What Is a Walker?

Walker is the type of mobility aid which is suggested by a physical therapist or health Care provider to you? It helps people who are still able to walk but need some assistance in walking. It is a four-legged frame that allows a person to lean on it for balance support and rest

The material used for making walkers is usually aluminum so they are lightweight to pick up and move easily they also come with grips  made up  of form or rubber for enhancing the user comfort the tips are usually covered with rubber cabs so it will prevent any slipping and improve the stability learn more…


There are many different types of walkers you can buy for yourself. Your physical therapist will suggest the most suitable Walker for you here is a list of the most common type of walkers along with their key points that make them different

Folding Walkers

These walkers are the most simple walkers that can be folded easily for a transport mechanism. To fold the water is typically a one or two button system you push the button and the Walker collapses and fold flat so it will easily fit in a car bus or plane

Height-Adjustable Walkers

Some walkers come with a range of pens or buttons which can be pressed and their height can be short and or increased so that it can fit you properly mostly the range of some walkers span enough so that they can be used for both adults and children

Hemi Walkers

It is a walker which allows you to lean on one side of your body for support it is designed for people which are suffering from deformity of one side of the body since it looks like a half walker  it makes sense that it is almost half the weight of a folding Walker it is  consider more stable than a cane that’s why they are used most commonly
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Walker With Front Wheels

You can also find a folding and height adjustable Walker which has Wheels on each side of the front legs of the wheel is to help you move easily if you are suffering from upper and lower extremities weakness most of them have 5 inch wheels
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