Tight Quads and the Culture of the Sedentary

Most of the time people suffer from pain of lower back or hips this is because of the tightening of the muscles and the sedentary lifestyle today in this article we will discuss about tight quads and what exercises can help to to relieve tight quad muscles and how your physical therapist can help you to go throughout the procedure

Quadriceps are the big thigh muscle group that are located at the front of your thighs most people quadricep are much tighter than their hamstring muscles and this is especially because of sedentary culture since you are sitting on a chair in your office and your hips are flexed and you are doing your work by sitting on a chair for 8 to 9 hours because of this the muscles which are at the front of your thigh that flex your hips called the flexors are in a shortened position for long durations
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Both the quadriceps and hamstrings are two joint muscles which mean they affect the movement of both your hips and your knee joint because of this they can affect both of your joints when they contract

 when the quads contract they can pull your pelvis forward and flex your hips which may disturb the curve in your lower back this is also one of the reason that why your back muscles become tight and painful

How to Remedy Tight Quads

Physical therapist will mostly use one of the two approaches to decrease the forward tilt of your pelvis and excessive curve in your lower back these both will involve the releasing of tight quadriceps muscles most of the physical therapy suggest combining two approaches as they complement one another nicely

  • Stretching and strengthening your quadriceps muscles is one of the most correct and effective way to counter the effects of sitting for long time or quad muscle overuse
  • In addition to that strengthening your hamstrings will bring the bottom of your back pelvis closer to the back of your thigh in the normal position in turn this will extend your hips as well which will give you an extra Stretch in the front where the quadriceps muscles are

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