What Is the Timed Up and Go (TUG) Test?

Time up and go test is also known as the tag test it is a very simple way to evaluate and measure your functional mobility and  is most often used in a physical therapy clinic by a physical therapist to get an idea of how safe you can move around TUG can also be used by your health Care provided to estimate your risk of falling and your ability to maintain balance while walking

Purpose of Test

The time up and go test is frequently used in elderly people as it is easy to use and can be completed by most of the older adults it can be used as a part of more comprehensive get up and go test which may include many additional tests like stand in with your eyes closed or sitting in the chair without using your arm rest the many benefits of the time up and go test among them some are

  • In this minimum amount of equipment is used
  • It can be performed almost everywhere
  • It is only few minutes
  • It can be self perform at home
  • Minimum training is required to administer it
  • It can be used in daily routine to measure your response to physical therapy

How to Perform the Test

For starting the time up and go test you will sit in the chair with your hands resting  comfortably on the lap or at your sides but not on the arm rests you should be seated properly with your back positioned all the way to the back of the seat

The test will start when the physical therapist will say go and start stopwatch you would then  y rise from the chair walk 3 metres turn around and returned to the chair and sit down back

You got the time on the stopwatch is your time up and go scored many physical therapist will perform this followed by a run the average recording time of the tow test is your final score

In this test you can use your assisted device if you use them in your daily life but no other form of physical assistance should be used if your  balance is impaired and there is a risk of falling someone should be at your side to prevent you from falling but they must not hold you

There  is no time limit for the test elderly people take more time but otherwise healthy  individual can use to complete each task in 10 seconds or less where as  frail elder adult may take 2 minutes or more

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