Condition Your Hamstring Muscles

Most of the time people who have tight lower back muscles suffer from pain in the lower back which  is due to misalignment or posture problems in these conditions a physical therapist can help you to strengthen the major muscles which support your hips and back one of the major muscles that support your hip and back are hamstring muscles so in this article we will discuss how your hamstring muscles can be distributed how a physical therapist can help to deal with this problem

Condition Your Hamstring Muscles

When the quadriceps muscles contract, the hamstring muscles will stretch, which means their work is opposite to each other. Most of the time people have a combination of tight quadricep muscle and weak hamstring muscles. Tight hamstring muscles are also a common condition and can lead to a posture problem called flat lower back. This occurs because the tight hamstring muscles can bring the back of the lower part of pelvis and the back of the thigh closer together abnormally this leads to a reduction in the degree of lordosis in your lumbar spine

When the lower back curve is reduced abnormally the result maybe a flat low back posture there are two ways your physical therapist will use to relax your tight quadricep muscles and hamstrings
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One way is stretching and strengthening your hamstring muscles and the otherwise strengthening your quadriceps muscles

Weak Hamstring Muscles and Your Lower Back

When the hamstring muscles are excessively weak it can lead to misalignment of your pelvis such as that it get stuck in the anterior tilt this happens a lot to the people who sit 9 to 5 for their job

Hamstring strength is a really helpful strength for balancing your body in different situations for example when you climb sure you get into or out of the chair or a car so for strengthening and relaxing these muscles your physical therapist will suggest you a variety of exercise the most important exercise will be stretching exercise and strengthening exercises such as yoga pose bridge pose etc

Make sure to consult a physical therapist immediately when you feel any pain in your hamstring muscles or your feel shortening of your lower spine curve in addition to that look for other symptoms such as misalignment of your pelvis and pain or contraction of quadriceps muscles your physical therapist will help you to deal with this condition and will suggest you several different exercises and modalities which can help you to get back to your normal life as soon as possible

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