Difference and similarities between physical therapist and chiropractors

If you are suffering from any injury and you are not able to move you may want to visit a healthcare professional to help you decrease your pain and improve your mobility one such professional may be a physical therapist or other maybe a chiropractor

There are some similarities between these two but there are a lot of difference also understanding the difference will help you decide that you want to see a physical therapist or a chiropractic for your particular injury


It may seem visibly that physical therapy and chiropractic care are the same but there are several differences between the two the differences may include

  • Chiropractors most commonly performed manual manipulations for perceived or known spinal subluxations
  • Chiropractors most often make attempts to correct your spinal misalignment believing that this is placing the pressure on your spinal nerves
  • Most of the time chiropractors after limit their treatment plans to the lower back and neck while physical therapist are general practitioners to treat spine upper and lower extremities and other parts as well
  • Chiropractors routinely performed X-rays to examine the bony anatomy which helps them to guide through the treatment process where as  physical therapist mostly perform clinical examinations for deciding the treatment plants and most of them do not rely on diagnostic imaging for treatment
  • Chiropractors also more often  gave you nutritional advices and many cell dietary supplements in the clinic as well when physical therapists have nothing to do with your nutritional values
  • Physical therapist often work with you to help you prevent injury
  • Physical therapist also often prescribed home exercise program for patients to perform daily in order to achieve their rehabilitation goals
  • Physical therapist also worked in a variety of settings like in hospitals schools clinics and nursing homes velcro practice typically only work in an outpatient clinical setting

Similarities between physical therapist and chiropractors may include some of the following

  • Both physical therapist and chiropractors are trained at the doctoral level some physical therapist are grandfather in their profession and mein practice with a bachelor or master degree
  • Both may prescribe different exercises to improve your strength or range of motion depending on your condition
  • Both of them use physical modalities like electrical stimulation or heat it or ice therapy to help you feel better
  • Both physical therapist and chiropractors use non surgical techniques to help you move better
  • Both of them must pass a licensing examination for practicing
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