Quad Canes to Help With Walking

A quad cane is a mobility device which may be given to you by your physical therapist that helps in wapking and maintaining functional mobility it is almost similar to standard cane as it has a metal base on the bottom with four small wheels that extend from the base these wheels  are covered with rubber caps that help reducing the chance of slipping on the floor the quad cane is usually made up of lightweight aluminium and are adjustable with  small push button

Who Should Use a Quad Cane

After illness or injury your one or both legs may become weak this weakness may prevent you from working normally and you may fall because of your lower extremities weakness after an extended period of immobilization or bed rest you make suffer from changes in your balance as well  a quad cane  will help you to provide extra support to work independently and safely an advantage of quad cane is that it provides good stability for you they can be used on stairs unlike a standard or wheeled Walker.

 while sitting you can keep quad cane next to you and it will not fall over when rising from sitting position be sure not to use the quad cane can to pull yourself up from the chair as it may tip over so try to stand first using armrest and then grab the handle
Consult your therapist

Walking With a Quad Cane

For walking with the quad cane follow these simple steps

  • Old the cane in your one hand if your one leg is weak hold the Ken in the hand opposite to the week leg
  • Then advanced the quad cane forward about one arm’s length be sure that all four wheels of the quad cane are in  direct contact with the floor because if there is no contact between any one wheel of the quad cane can it can lead to tipping
  • After becoming stable step forward with the weak leg
  • Now gently pressed down into the handle of the quad cane with your hand to help in stabilizing you
  • Advance your other leg and just slightly pass to first foot
  • Repeat this cycle

Your physical therapist will help you in choosing a quad cane for you which is suitable for your condition and the also demonstrate you how to use a quad cane properly made sure that you’re clearly understand the advice of a physical therapist and learn using quad cane because it is essential for your safe walking

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