DIY Cervical Roll for Neck Support While Sleeping

Most of the time people who are suffering from neck pain require extra support in the pillow this will help them to keep the neck in the optimum position while sleeping cervical pillow can be used to helps for them  while they sleep  if you are suffering from any neck pain you can also make your own cervical roll at home this  article will teach you how  to make cervical roll for yourself

Many people with neck pain require extra support in their pillow. This helps to keep their neck in the optimum position while sleeping. A cervical pillow can be used to help support your neck while you sleep. If you have neck pain, you can make your own cervical roll or buy one

Neck pain can be a very difficult experience that can limit the ability to drive or even sleep normally if you develop neck pain then you must immediately contact your physical therapist which will help you to manage your symptoms properly some treatments and modalities like cervical roll are necessary to help you fight with your neck pain

In addition to physical therapy exercises, it is also important to take steps to self manage your condition these steps may include performing Home based  basic exercises suggested by a physical therapist and learning how to sit with proper posture

Maintaining a proper posture while sleeping is as important as maintaining a proper posture while sitting using a right pillow with the right support can help you to keep your neck in proper alignment and help you quickly decrease or eliminate your neck pain and get back to your normal activities

Making Your Own Cervical Roll

You can buy a cervical roll at your physical therapist office or you can also buy one from the nearest pharmacy in addition to that you can also make a cervical role  to support your neck here is how to make a cervical roll of your own

  • Take a bath or beach towel
  • No fold towel in half
  • Starting from the one side of the towel roll the towel until your towel look like a roll exactly about the length of your pillow
  • Slide your roll towel  into the pillow case along the lower edge
  • Be sure that your role is stuck all the way into your pillow and  doesn’t slip out
  • When you place your head on your pillow the roll must suppot your neck

You will feel a slight pressure on the back of your neck when you lie on your back your towel  will help to support your neck when you lie on any side as it will fill the space between your Head and Shoulder if you are suffering from neck pain it is usually not recommended to sleep on your stomach or prone position
We have already discussed the benefits of lumbar flexion exercise and the condition for which it is suitable now we will discuss that how to perform this exercise appropriately
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