Physical therapy modalities for treating back morning pain

A New Pillow

You may not understand the importance of a good pillow for a proper sleep and preventing back and neck pain. A right pillow can eliminate your neck pain and wh also help to comfort your shoulder and back 

You may want to sleep on a pillow which support your neck back and shoulders and keep them in a aligned position appropriately

You can also use body rolls or cervical rolls to support the places which are not supported by your pillow or mattress. It is essential for proper alignment of your body.

If you sleep on your back try to keep a pillow under your knee it will keep your back align and prevent back pain

If you sleep on either sides keep a pillow in between your knees as it will do same function for you

Your physical therapist may suggest you to look for the pillows  which are best for you according to your position. The thickness of pillow also made a great difference as well

Sleeping Position

No matter in which position you sleep, your ears, hips , and shoulders must be aligned with each other. The best sleeping position which is Suggested by most physical therapist os usually sleeping on your back because this is the easiest way to maintain the natural position of your spine without much difficulties

If you are use to sleep at side then bending your knees and pulling them towards your chest help in decreasing stress on the muscles of your back

Expert’s also suggest to change the sides frequently as sleeping on one side may worsen the pain

The worst posture which worsen already present neck and back pain and can lead to neck and back pain is sleeping on stomach as because of this your neutral spine position is disrupted

If you are use to this position then you can prevent damage by keeping a pillow under your pelvis or lower abdomen

Always ask your physical therapist first so that they can suggest the ideal sleeping position and other parameters such as ideal pillow or cervical roll for treating your condition

If you feel that your pillow is not fluffy enough after sometime and its form is not similar as it was before then you can add more cotton to your pillow or you can just buy a new one depending on your budget but be sure before buying a new pillow that you consult your physical therapist and by the new pillow according to your condition

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