Going up and downstairs with the crutches

After any lower extremity injury you may be given a pair of crutches by your physical therapist and health provider for walking. Most of the time you have to walk on the flat surfaces but sometimes you may have to climb stairs in case of there is no Walker friendly or crutches friendly area for these circumstances of physical therapist will train you for going upstairs and downstairs with the help of your crutches is here is how you can do this safely

Going Up Stairs

Here is how to go upstairs with the help of your crutches

  • When you are going either up or down the stairs go one step at a time and rest at each step you have a couple of options for using the crutches on the stairs
  • you can stand close to the step and place the crutches on the ground level
  • by shifting your weight on the crutches bring your  uninjured foot up to the step and then bring the catches up to the step level
  •  repeat this for each step
  •  if there is a railing on the side of stairs you can use these alternative method 
  • Place your both crutches under one arm and grab the handrail with the other hand and lead with your injured life in front of you
  • Repeat this for each step

Going Down Stair

How you can go down the stairs with the help of the crutches depends on whether you can bear the weight on your leg or you are completely unable to bear even a slight weight on your  injured leg if you are unable to put any weight on it then

  • Hold the foot of your injured leg in front of you
  • Hop down each step on your uninjured leg or healthy leg be sure to support yourself with crutches held in front of you on the next step or you can use the hand railing on one side while holding the crutches in the other hand
  • It is always a good option to have someone to assist you especially if your upper body strength is not much good
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If your healthcare provider of physical therapist allowed to wear a slight weight on the injured leg then

  • Place the crutches on the next lower step
  • Now step down with your injured leg
  • Now kothi bring down your good leg
  • Make sure that you land safely and take one step at a time
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