What is the oswestry disability index?

The oswestry disability index is used to determine the degree of a patient lower back pain and the extent to which the pain limits the daily activities of a patient the oswestry disability index can help to provide information about a patient lower back pain and it is a valid measurement  test which is backup by research 

It can be used to justify the need for medical treatments the oswestry disability index is also known as oswestry low back pain disability questionnaire which is used to assess how a patient lower back pain impact the ability to do their daily task and activities

How It Works

The oswestry disability index is a questionnaire  which consists of almost 10 questions about the pain and how the pain impacts your daily life this question consists of the following two categories your physical therapist will ask these questions from you to make an evaluation of your lower back pain and then prepare a physical therapy treatment for you

Pain intensity: 

It tells that how intense is the pain is and to which extent painkillers relieve the symptoms of lower back pain

Personal care:

In this a physical therapist evaluate that whether a patient is available to perform personal care activities like bathing and dressing without any significant pain or limitations or he is suffering from severe physical pain and limitations and need physical assistance from other while performing these activities


In this physical therapist evaluate that a patient is able to lift weight with or without pain for how much weight the patient can lift from the floor or the higher surface like a table without significant pain in back


In this physical therapy observed that to what extent PN limits a patient walking distance and independence or if the patient is using and assistive devices like a cane or crutches for this


In this we see that it what extent pain limits a patient sitting ability and for how much time a patient can sit comfortably


In this a physical therapist observed at what extent pain can limit the patient standing tolerance and standing time as well


In this your health care provider will observe that what extent pain limits up patient sleeping duration and if he or she needs pain medication to sleep comfortably

Social life: 

In it health provider physical therapist will observe that what extent of a paint can limit the daily social activities of the patients

If and to what extent a patient’s social activities are limited due to pain


It is a measure of the pain which can limits a patient ability to travel

Employment or homemaking duties: 

In it physical properties observed that how patient ability to perform their job related activities or home making activities are compromise because of back pain
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