How You Can Start Having Better Exercise Adherence

Exercise adherence is a term which is used to describe the patient consistency and devotion for the daily exercise program for treating there diseases it describe that how a patient is sticking to

  • Home exercise program
  • Gym programs
  • Any recommendations for suggestions given to them by the health professionals of physical therapist

Choose Your “Whens” Wisely

With appropriate manner schedule your physical therapy activities so that they are convenient for you and harmonious with your changing energy levels as well for example if you are going to perform 5 challenging exercises daily consider them doing first thing in the morning after you warm up as you are high in the energy at that moment and if your physical therapist have given you some relaxation exercises to do you may perform this exercise in the late afternoon when your energy is slow or just before going to sleep which may help you to promote your better night rest

What About Boredom?

If you have a problem that you immediately get bored you may ask  physical therapist or personal trainer to give you a variety of exercises which addresses the same body issues sp you can switch  that exercise around without loss of the therapeutic benefits if you are asking a physical therapist about multiple exercises then make sure to ask her on guidance that how and when to switch things up

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Give Up on “No Pain, No Gain”

Perform your prescribed exercises daily in a moderate way but make sure to do something everyday let go of your no pain no gain attitude when working for pain relief specially for back instead of stressing out your body to work watd think about that if your back is aligned throughout each exercise mov. are you performing the exercise properly 

this will make more difference then stressing your body for working hard

Go Social and Accountable

When you are performing exercises make yourself accountable for the exercises you can hook up with one or more accountability partners who understand your special physical therapy exercises and focus of the exercises such people are hard to find and even harder to accommodate schedule wise but you can make an effort to connect with people who can help you with this your social interaction may give you fuel for goal achievement and thus your results will be improved

This very little steps will help you to focus your physical therapy sessions properly and to achieve your goals without much hurdles

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