Morning back pain physical therapy treatment part 3

We have already discussed about several at home modalities and exercises which you can perform for treating your morning back pain there are some of the other precautionary measures and exercises which you can do for treating your back pain

Back Extension

For treating a morning back pain your physical therapist may suggest you different exercises such as yoga Cobra pose which help you to improve pain related to your back this gentle back extension exercise spine also lengthen your spine and help you to treat rounded shoulder condition

Your physical therapist will restrain  you from  back extension exercises as back extension exercises are not recommended if you are suffering from facing joint problems spondylosis spinal arthritis or spinal stenosis This is because this position will irritate already affected areas If you are not sure that these exercise are appropriate for your condition or not then ask your physical therapist first before proceeding

Lie down on your stomach and place your arms on the bed elbows bent and directly under your shoulder now relax your shoulder as best as you can press up to a short way

Make sure to keep the movement in pain free zone and don’t push your body any further keep your abs engaged during this stretching exercise

 hold this for a few seconds and then gently bring yourself down and rest repeat this up to three times

Spine Stretch

You will perform this exercise on your back you might want to  try placing a small pillow or roll towel under your lower back for support If your shoulder and arms are tight and your shoulder range of motion is limited you can also use pillow to support them just be sure that the resulting position is comfortable

You can also modify this position by placing big pillows under your knees this will help you to keep your knees and hips supported in a flex position

Another variation is to lie on the floor with your knees bent and lower legs resting on the chair for support

Now lie on your back in your chosen position move your arms out until they make a v shape above your head reach with your arms and feel the Stretch in your upper back and then relax

When to See a Healthcare Provider

If you’re suffering from morning back pain that is swear and it get increasingly common or it is present every morning then it is always a safe option to visit your health care provider or physical therapist first they will look for possible causes of your pain including the injury illness and other medical problems some conditions such as fibromyalgia may cause periodic period of back pain and you may experience fatigue and dresses at the same time

Just make sure that you tell your physical therapist about your condition without any hesitation so that they suggest you the best treatment possible for you

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