Physical Therapy for lower extremity gate balance

Strengthening exercise 

Many strengthening exercises are also a part of your gait training

If you are suffering from weakness in your hips, knees, or ankles this may prevent you from safe walking. exercises for your lower extremities may include

  • Straight leg raises
  • Step up 
  • Mini squats
  • Quad sets and short  arc quads

All the exercises must be performed slowly and in a low key manner using light resistance but with high repetition, because walking is low resistance and high repetition activity
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Target Stepping

This exercise is used to improve the coordination of the lower extremities for performing this exercise follow the above steps

  • Place any 4 to 5 targets on the ground in a semicircle pattern each target should be one foot apart you can use anything as a target
  • Stand on the one side of targets and slowly step on the target
  • Slowly tap the target with your foot
  • After tapping all objects come back to the starting position and then repeat the whole procedure
  •  Remember to slowly tap the object and land safely
  • This exercise helps you to improve your ability to place your foot at the location you exactly want to.
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Retro Walking

Working in a backward direction may also be referred to by your physical properties to help improve your gate the benefits of backward walking are

  • Improve speed of walking
  • Improve step and stride length
  • Improve balance
  • Improve coordination of lower extremities and mind
  • Improve hamstring flexibility

Backward walking helps to reset your neuromuscular system and it challenges your lower extremity muscles to move in a specific way that improves your gait forward walking is a heel to toe motion while retro or backward walking is a toe to heel pattern

Balance and Proprioception Exercises

If you realize 40% of your walking is on one foot

For example during climbing stairs, one foot is on your ground while the other swing forwards in the air this meant that single length stand is an important component of gait balanced and safe walking balance exercises are a must component of a great training program some of the balance exercises are

  • Single leg stance on a balance and an unsteady surface
  • Single leg stance with close and open eyes
  • Single leg stance on ABOSU or BAPS board
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These exercises are an essential part of your gate training program. In these exercises, artificial situations are produced where you may be a little unsteady and your body is prepared for this unsteadiness of real life

Remember to perform these exercises safely in the presence of a physical therapist so you don’t get hurt during any of the exercises

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