The Prone Position and Back Exercises

Prone position describes the position of your body when you are lying on your stomach and your face is facing downwards we can say that it is the position when the ventral side of the body is against the ground and the dorsal side of the body is facing upwards it is the opposite of supine  position in which dorsal side is against the ground and ventral side is facing upwards

This position is used by most of the clinicals such as by physical therapist which may place the patient into a prone position while performing manual therapy or doing certain exercises and stretches example of the use of the prone position is the yoga Cobra pose in yoga Cobra pose you are lying on your stomach and then you’re gently push your head shoulder and chest up off the floor
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Prone and supine position are among several other position that describe your body positions when you are performing or receiving manual therapy similar terms may include side lying hands and knees or table top position

Prone vs. Supine for Back Exercise Therapy

Most of the time in your home exercise program you might get several exercises by a physical therapist or doctor in which you have to be on your back in the supine position this is because when you are in the supine position your back receive most of the support possible

After some initial stability when your strength and coordination is improved your physical therapist or personal trainer will likely progress you into the prone position exercises most of the exercises in the prone position for back are stretching exercises these exercises may be avoided in the case if your suffering from spinal Arthritis or facet joint problems however these are recommended for some back conditions such as for herniated disc or sciatica
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Back Exercise Performed in the Prone Position

Performing exercises in the prone position can help you to strengthen your back muscles and increase flexibility of your back exercises such as the cobra yoga pose already discuss is the best example of this function chest press ups are also a great way to strengthen the back muscles you can also strengthen your hamstring muscles with several exercises in the prone position strong hamstring muscles will help to to prevent a condition known as the interior tilt condition in which your pelvis is tilted forward
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