Tips for using crutches

When you suffer from any injury of lower extremities or break your name you can and up with the pair of crutches added in your normal routine if you have never used crutches before you may need to get a proper training by a physical therapist which will teach you that how to use the crutches properly without getting for the injured people do not get proper instruction before using them here are some of the tips your physical therapist will suggest you before using any crutches

Size the Crutches

Your crushes must be properly size according to your height so you can use them appropriately and don’t have problems with them you shouldn’t assume that the crutches you buy or  your crutches at home are a  perfect for you they may need size adjustments for a completely different size crutches must be one to two inch below your armpit when you are standing straight and they have handles at the wrist height so your elbows are bent when you grip them

Check the Padding and Grips

When buying a pair of crutches always make sure that they have enough padding on the armpits grips and especially on the base which is in direct contact with the floor in case of excessive use and wear of these parts, these parts can be replaced at a medical store

 you will soon start to feel the pain in your body organs if the crutches are not enough padded 

less or completely  worn padding at the base of crutches also increase the risk of falling because of disbalance

To Get Up From a Chair

For standing up from a seated position with the help of crutches place both crutches in the hand on the affected side for example if you are right leg is injured hold both catches in your right hand with your other hand grip the armrest of the chair when you are stable then place your all body weight on your an healthy leg and push your body up with your arms stand for a minute to make sure that you are stable before walking.
Regain your strengths

When you get up make sure that you are safe and are not suffering from any disbalance of body parts because by this you can fall and make your injury worse and suffer from any secondary injury because of falling
Get your treatment

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