Stretches for Moen back pain

We have already discussed about some modalities such as buying a new pillow new mattress for treating your morning pain where we will discuss about some of the morning stretches which you can perform for treating your morning back pain


You cannot ignore the beneficial effect of exercises on your joints when you are trying to alleviate the symptoms of morning back pain it is not necessary that you have to perform this exercise in the morning but it is best time to perform them in morning

 healthy joints are at lesser risk of getting stiff and sore in your sleep some experts suggest to incorporate exercises in daily routine and perform exercises 5 days a week at least about 30 minutes so that your joints are healthy and lubricated

When you are taking a new start be gentle with your body and don’t push yourself any father if you feel any pain immediately stop the exercise and ask your physical therapist first

As we have already discussed that morning back stretches are one of the greater way to lose your stiff joints in the morning and get rid of the back pain because of stiffness of joints here are a few stretches which you can perform at home to relieve your back pain

Knees-to-Chest Stretch

It is a very good exercise to start if you are completely new to morning stretches most probably if you are completely new your physical therapist will suggest you  to do knee to chest stretch here is how to perform this

  • Lie on your back and bring your one knee towards your chest
  • Then repeat the same with the other leg
  • Grasp your lower leg just below the knees and pull them near to your chest as further as you can
  • Hold this for 5 to 15 seconds and then release

Regain your strengths

Posterior Pelvic Tilt

 for performing this exercise

  • lie in the prone position
  • Place q flat pillow or folded towel under your trunk as this will allow your head and neck to relax down towards the bed
  • Now turn your head to one side if that is comfortable for you and place your arms in the position where they are most comfortable
  • For supporting the lower back and engaging your abdominal muscles you can arch your lower back by pressing your tailbone towards back of thighs
  • Try to hold this stretch for a minute

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Lengthen Your Spine

It is more active version of pelvic stretch in this you will remove the pillow under your trunk and without any support you will have to made the effort to contract the muscles at the side of your hips these muscles will provide stabilization e to your pelvis which in turn stabilize your spine and reduce the back pain

Before performing any exercise always consult a physical therapist don’t push your body if you are feeling pain because these exercises are meant to protect you from pain and not to push you in more pain be gentle with your body and starts low and make progress slowly with time condition in which your pelvis is tilted forward
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