What Is Recreational Therapy?

If you are ill injured or suffering from any chronic disability you may be suffering from difficulty performing your day-to-day activities in this condition you may want to be benefited from the skill services of a rehabilitation team which can help you to recover fully a very beneficial member of the rehabilitation team is your recreational therapist a recreational therapist is a healthcare professional or a physical therapist who can help you to maximize your physical and emotional health through recreational activities

Recreational therapy is an essential part of the physical therapy and it is also known as therapeutic recreation it is not a game in it it your recreational therapist will use several activities to help you move better and feel change in your life a physical or operational therapies use exercise to improve function mobility while a recreational therapist use recreational activities which may involve slight exercises which can help you to regain your mobility and improve your well being as well these activities may include solving puzzles playing games cooking or any other outdoor activities like horseback riding or hiking

In this article we will take a close look at the recreational therapy and the many benefits which recreational therapy offers

Definition of Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy is a healthcare speciality which uses several activity-based exercises and fun parts to help you move better and feel better after your injury or illness these interventions are usually based on recreational activities which you do in your daily routine these activities will help you to recover physically functionally and regain your emotional health as well

Recreational therapist are specifically trained to evaluate your condition and suggest many ways which can help you to maximize the social mental and Physical health the main goal of any recreational therapy is to reduce the depression and anxiety which you may suffer from because of your chronic illness or long term injury

Therapeutic Recreation Activities Examples

Therapeutic recreational activities are not all about playing games or enjoying it involves specific activities which will help you to regain your independence in your community some of the examples of activities that a recreational therapist may performs includes

  • Art, such as painting sketching
  • Cooking your favorite food
  • Community outings 
  • Participation in sports
  • Group exercise classes
  • Dancing

The key to a positive recreational therapy experience is that activities must be planned and specific according to your emotional and physical needs and capabilities it also include something that you want to do as an activity and you feel happy after doing that instead of feeling more stressed
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