Types of electrical stimulation used in physical therapy

It is common for all of us once in life, especially seniors, to suffer from an injury or any illness that can result in painful swelling, limited range of motion, or loss of function mobility of any part of a muscular skeleton organ. in this case, your health care provider will refer to your physical therapist which will help you to gain the normal function of a musculoskeletal system back

Your physical therapist will use several hands-on and therapeutic modalities to speed up your rehabilitation process

One of the modalities used by your physical therapist is electrical stimulation it can be used for various purposes in physical therapy such as to reduce inflammation and pain improve circulation and decrease muscle spasms it is used in coordination with other treatments and it is not the only treatment you received during your physical therapy session

Several types of electrical stimulations can be used by a physical therapist depending on your injury or your condition be sure to tell the physical therapist about your goals a physical therapist can arrange electrical stimulation therapy accordingly to that

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

It is used to help cope with acute and chronic pain it works by altering the pain signals from injured tissue that travels to the Brain it also releases endorphins which are natural painkillers of the body

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

It is used by physical therapists for proper contraction of muscles after an injury or surgery it is just like the education of muscle for contraction and for returning to normal function

Russian Stimulation

Just like neuromuscular electrical stimulation. Russian stimulation is also used for muscle contraction. The difference between these two is that Russian stimulation is an h h-frequency electric waves simulation. It is used after injury or surgery when you may experience muscular dystrophy it initiates forceful contractions and normalizes the function of muscles


Iontophoresis is a type of chemical electrical stimulation that is used for administration of various drugs into your body through electrical shops skin indications such as iodine chlorine and d dexamethasone are used to reduce the inflammation swelling and secure resources they also help in the management of keloid or scar tissue

High Voltage Stimulation

As the name suggests in it very high voltage electrical signals are used by a physical therapist to decrease pain and improve the circulation in very rare cases it also helps with wound healing it is thought that high voltage change the cells near your wound and speed up the healing process
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