The oswestry disability index Is an evaluation of the extent to which the patient lower back pain limits their daily normal day to day activities it is helpful in clinical documentation for medical services unlike other outcomes based tests in which the highest score means a better score hair highest score means greater level of disability according to the the following scoring criteria disability is measured

0–4: No disability at all

5–14: Mild disability

15–24: Moderate disability

25–34: Severe disability

35–50: Completely disabled

In order to develop a treatment plan for lower back pain you may receive a authorisation from insurance companies and physical therapy is create individual goals for each patient depending on the disability index one of the most important aspect of a physical a physical property goals are that there must be measurable

While preparing exercise program after oswestry disability index test range of motion and strength is considered in addition to that a baseline measurement is taken at the beginning of the treatment and progress is tracked in each follow-up visit with a new score code which is used as a goal for the treatment

By tracking the changes in the total score for each follow-up visit and after each treatment health Care provider or physical therapist can be better evaluate that whether the treatment is effective in improving your symptoms for it is not effective for you a decrease in total scored by 13 indicates that treatment is helping to improve a patient lower back pain and decreasing the level of disability

In addition to the results from a physical examination which is performed by physical therapist on the oswestry disability index and this variety of symptoms can help the healthcare providers to determine an appropriate treatment for disability

No disability:

For such condition no treatment is advice rather than aerobic exercises and lifting weight to stay healthy

Less disabilities

In it several conservative measures like physical therapy exercises hot or cold therapy pain medication and rest and needed to help depressive symptoms

Moderate disability:

The treatment for moderate disability is more intense which can include extensive physical therapy services and pain Management services

Severe disability: 

In severe disability significant medical intervention is needed which may include surgery pain management measures and adoptive equipments like wheel chairs or help from caretaker

Completely disabled: 

In this condition patient or other bedbound or exaggerating the symptoms for bed bound patients caretaker is needed to complete the daily activities and self-care task
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